Whole G bakery is a local artisan wholesale bakery, with state of the art facility and with the commitment to service costumers like you in mind. We are located in New Haven, Ct. Our ovens bake a wide variety of products for restaurants , deli shops and gourmet markets.

We are certified kosher, and our breads are all natural, with no preservatives . We always use Non bromated, non bleached flours . We never use flour improvers, processing aids or enzymes



Going Local
Whole G – Chef/Owner Andrea Corazzini is a great baker with a love for tradition. After leaving the CIA I was having bread withdrawal. I couldn’t find good bread in my new home town. But one day my colleague, Gerry Remer, took me to visit Whole G bakery! Andrea was developing a new bread – bauernbrot (farmer’s bread), and it was as good as any bread the great bakers at CIA baked. I was no longer in bread exile! And Andrea opened a café where I could now purchase loaves of bread for home.

Whole G provides bread for much of Yale Dining’s needs. This is a local company with products that have a clean label, are natural, and affordable high quality. When eating Whole G breads our students get breads made with flour, water, salt, yeast – it doesn’t get better, or cleaner than that. 


Ron DeSantis CMC 

Director of Culinary Excellence                  

Artisan Breads :

Boules,Batards, Baguettes,Olive bread, Fig and Walnuts,Cranberry Walnut,Sourdough, VollkornBrot, MischBrot,Bauernbrot, MuesliBrot.


Dinner Rolls, Brioche Rolls,Ciabatta Rolls , Sandwich Rolls, Hero, Whole Wheat,Sourdough Rolls, Square Rolls


Brioche, Multi Grain,Pumpernickel,Rye,White, Marble, WHole Wheat

Deli style Batard